The Real Live Hallstatt

A view of the valley and the lake from on top of the Dachstein

Picking up where we left off…awhile ago! Salzburg was a great place to start our mini-trek into Austria, but we had one more stop in mind before catching a flight back. Hallstaat is a charming little mountain town built on a lake of the same name, and we were looking forward to exploring it!

The Lonely Goatherd of Salzburg

Looking from the southern side of the Festungsberg over the rooftops of Salzburg to the mountainous border of Germany in the distance.

I have not seen The Sound of Music. Mere swears that I would love it, as I do love both music and musicals, but it just hasn’t happened. Anyway, I’m more motivated to see it now that I know that it features such smash hits as The Lonely Goatherd, and a city as lovely as Salzburg. This is all a roundabout way of saying that Salzburg was awesome!

See! Bavaria!

Looking over the water of the Königssee towards an awesome wooden boathouse.

With another Oktoberfest in the books, Mere & I decided to get out of town and take a fall drive through Bavaria. The region is home to a number of beautiful lakes (“lake” is see in German; get it?!?), and we decided to stop by Chiemsee and Konigssee.