Sicilian Road Trip

As I mentioned in the last post, Mere had to work the last handful of days we were in Trapani. We resolved to make the most of our evenings, and in the meantime, I spent a few days touring around to some of my favorite spots on the island!

Favignana Is *So* Fetch

After Scotland, we had a little more than a week back home, and then we were at it again: Mere had week-long work trip to the western coast of Sicily, and luckily enough I was able to tag along! If there’s something I will *never* refuse, it’s a bit of Sicilian summertime.

Farewell To Caledonia

Our time on Skye was just about at an end (and in Scotland, unfortunately), but we still had saved one more treat before making our way to the ferry: Spar Cave, near Elgol on the south coast of the island. By all accounts (including Sir Walter Scott’s!), it was a natural wonder, so we were […]

High On Skye

We finally made it to Isle of Skye! We had heard so many great things about this corner of Scotland, and we were absolutely excited to stay a couple of days and explore. Rest assured, Skye did not disappoint!

Highland Cows Are My Co-Pilot

Time to get out of the city! We got up on Tuesday morning excited to hit the road, and even more excited to see a bright blue sky as we walked to one last meal at Hula. Scotland being Scotland, clouds rolled in while we were eating, but nevertheless, we said farewell to Edinburgh and […]

Dear Green Place & Auld Reekie

After getting married, Mere & I joked about having a general three-year honeymoon in Europe, vice a specific week or so somewhere right after. That being said, we had talked about wanting to spend a good chunk of time in Scotland at some point, and as we began to plan the trip, it was clear […]

Aloha ‘Oe

Can it be? Our last Hawaii post! On New Year’s Day we woke up remarkably hangover free, and drove up to Kailua for our date with Jimmy & Laura. We found their place, nestled amid the jungle flora and a few wandering chickens, and once we had the essentials (read: sunscreen and beer), we set […]

Velociraptor Death Wish

I guess that’s kind of a dark title for a post about hiking in Hawaii…but hindsight being 20/20, it’s fairly accurate. Chances were very high that we either going to 1) be eaten by raptors, or 2) slip off a muddy ridge into the sweet, jungle-y embrace of Oahu. We’ll let you decide which was […]